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The Sugar Heritage Village is charged with two main purposes.  The first and most important goal is to honour and preserve the memory of Trinidad and Tobago’s sugar industry, paying homage to all those who were involved.  Following this, the SHV project also aims to bring useful amenities to the Point Lisas / Couva area.  These two objectives will be accomplished by transforming currently underutilized land at Caroni’s Brechin Castle estate into a place offering valuable historical, educational, recreational and commercial resources. This place is called the Sugar Heritage Village, the only one of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago.

The purpose of the Sugar Heritage Village project is to:

1) Honour and preserve the memory of Trinidad & Tobago’s sugar industry

Our country is pleased to boast a rich heritage comprised of varying races, cultures and traditions, many of which are here today because of the growth and cultivation of sugar cane which started in 1783. People of African, Indian, Chinese and European decent came to our shores to work the sugar cane fields and because of this, Trinidad and Tobago’s sugar industry thrived for centuries even providing produce for export.

By the end of the 20th century however, oil became increasingly significant in the country and so sugar and agriculture generally sank into a low second place. In 2003 when the state closed Caroni Limited - the company that managed our sugar industry. This adversely affected 9,000 workers directly and a further 35,000 who were indirectly dependent on the industry.

Given that the sugar industry had such a monumental impact on the country, affecting the lives of thousands, it is only fitting that there be a way to honour and preserve Trinidad and Tobago’s rich sugar heritage.  This was an initiative explored by historians, professors, ex-Caroni workers and members of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.   After much research and careful consideration of available resources, the idea of the Sugar Heritage Village was born, where the key features of the project are a Sugar Museum, Archive & Document Centre, Model Sugar Factory and Heritage Village.


2) To bring valuable facilities to the Couva/Point Lisas area

In addition to paying homage to all those involved in the country’s once dynamic sugar industry, the Sugar Heritage Village project serves to enhance its surrounding area with useful amenities.   Nestled in Caroni (1975) Limited’s Brechin Castle estate, the Sugar Heritage Village project will use vacant land acreage to build various facilities and resources, many of which are needed in Trinidad’s Central region.  While the elements of the SHV will be an attraction to nationals and visitors alike, they will be particularly beneficial to those located in Point Lisas and Couva as many of the amenities are unique to the area. Please visit the Project Facilities page for a full list of the proposed facilities and resources that the Sugar Heritage Village will offer.